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Tickled Pinque Cosmetics

Colour Gel • 051 • Drama Queen

Colour Gel • 051 • Drama Queen

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"Drama Queen," the spirited companion for your nails that whispers elegance and roars charisma. This light coral gel polish is like a sunset rendezvous on a tropical island—vibrant, warm, and impossible to ignore. It's the hue that dances between bold and subtle, leaving an impression that lasts longer than the most unforgettable stories. So, go ahead, let your nails do the talking, because with "Drama Queen," your fingertips are the life of the party!

Tickled Pinque Cosmetics Gel Polish is a stunning highly pigmented formula, with a smooth controlled application. When applying over the natural nail, the use of Tickled Pinque Cosmetics Base Gel is advised.

Directions: Apply 2 coats, and cure after each coat for two minutes in a UV lamp, or thirty seconds in an LED lamp. 

Size: 14ml

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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