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Colour Gel • 196 • Jingle Bells

Colour Gel • 196 • Jingle Bells

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"Jingle Bells," where holiday enchantment meets glamour! This dazzling green and gold glitter gel polish is like a holiday party for your nails. Picture the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree reflected in every glimmering speck, as if each glitter particle holds a secret wish. The rich green base captures the essence of a winter wonderland, while the golden sparkles dance merrily, echoing the joyful sound of bells in the crisp, frosty air.

Tickled Pinque Cosmetics Gel Polish is a stunning highly pigmented formula, with a smooth controlled application. When applying over the natural nail, the use of Tickled Pinque Cosmetics Base Gel is advised.

Directions: Apply 2 coats, and cure after each coat for two minutes in a UV lamp, or thirty seconds in an LED lamp. 

Size: 14ml

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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