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Tickled Pinque Cosmetics

Coloured Acrylic Powder • 314 • Wine Drunk

Coloured Acrylic Powder • 314 • Wine Drunk

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Get ready to be transported to a vineyard of pure glam with our mesmerizing shade, "Wine Drunk"! Your nails will look like they've just tangoed with the finest Merlot under a moonlit sky. With "Wine Drunk," your manicure will exude the kind of allure that's worthy of a secret toast shared between best friends, where laughter flows like a river of bubbles. The lustrous deep red is a vibrant burst of celebration, making it impossible to resist raising a glass... or your perfectly painted nails. Cheers to "Wine Drunk" and the playful elegance it brings to every moment!

Our innovative, high quality acrylic design powders are created to apply with a velvet, buttery application. They are strength powders and do not require capping in clear, though you may do so if preferred. 
Our dual purpose design powders can be used for both sculpting, or dipping method.

Size: 28g

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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