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Coloured Acrylic Powder • 398 • Rustic Rouge

Coloured Acrylic Powder • 398 • Rustic Rouge

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Let's be real, darlings. Life isn't always about glitz and glam. Sometimes, it's about cozying up with a cup of coffee, the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air, and the warm embrace of your favorite sweater. Enter "Rustic Rouge" – the nail colour that perfectly captures those moments of rustic charm and timeless allure. It's like the secret ingredient in your style for a dash of sophistication and a sprinkle of down-to-earth charm. 

"Rustic Rouge" isn't your average brown. It's the color of earthy adventures, cozy fireside chats, and long walks through autumn leaves - the perfect blend of cozy and chic! 

Our innovative, high quality acrylic design powders are created to apply with a velvet, buttery application. They are strength powders and do not require capping in clear, though you may do so if preferred. 
Our dual purpose design powders can be used for both sculpting, or dipping method.

Size: 28g

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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