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Diamond Colour Gel • 184 • Lights, Camera, Action

Diamond Colour Gel • 184 • Lights, Camera, Action

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Get ready for your close-up, because with "Lights, Camera, Action," your nails are stealing the scene in this high-shine, attention-grabbing masterpiece! "Lights, Camera, Action"  is the star of the show. This dazzling, reflective glitter gel polish captures the essence of Hollywood glam in every glint! So, get ready to be the paparazzi's favorite subject as you flaunt your dazzling digits – because with this blue reflective glitter gel polish, every day is a premiere!

Lights Camera Action, bestie! It's time to strike a pose with our 14 NEW flash-worthy reflective gels will make you feel like the star you are! Our highly-pigmented formulas are glittery in the daylight, and dazzle like diamonds when the flash comes on! Are you ready to shine like a diamond? 

Directions: Apply 2 coats, and cure after each coat for two minutes in a UV lamp, or thirty seconds in an LED lamp. 

Size: 14ml

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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