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F*que Love Acrylic Collection

F*que Love Acrylic Collection

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Introducing the "F*que Love Collection," including 5 bold nail colours designed to empower your independent spirit. Say goodbye to traditional lovey-dovey clichés and embrace your fabulous self with shades that scream confidence and sass. Explore the perfect hues for your non-conformist style, because who needs hearts and flowers when your nails can make a statement? Step into a world where your manicure declares, "I'm fabulous, and I don't need a cupid's arrow to slay!" 

F*que Love Acrylic Powder Collection includes:

426 Ghosted

427 Bad Boy

428 Karma

429 Not Your Baby

430 It's Complicated

👻 Ghosted: A shade that perfectly captures the elusive art of disappearing acts. Wear it proudly, because commitment is so last season.

🔥 Bad Boy: This color screams rebellion, just like that mysterious bad boy who never texts back but keeps you on your toes. Embrace the chaos with this daring and devilish hue.

🌪️ Karma: What goes around comes around, and so does this mesmerizing shade. A cosmic whirlwind of colour that reminds you to stay fabulous, no matter what romantic karma throws your way.

🙅‍♀️ Not Your Baby: Let your nails do the talking with this empowering hue. It's time to set the record straight – you're nobody's baby, and these nails are proof.

💔 It's Complicated: Navigating the maze of modern love? This colour captures the essence of romantic entanglements – because who said love was ever simple? Embrace the complexity with this enigmatic shade.

Indulge in the "F*que Love Collection" and let your nails tell the world exactly how you feel about Valentine's Day. Because who needs roses when you can have a bouquet of bold and beautiful shades that celebrate your independence and sass? Get ready to slay the anti-love game, one fabulous nail at a time!

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