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Flexi Gloss

Flexi Gloss

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Flexi Gloss is our revolutionary rubber top coat 🌸  Super flexible, and perfect for use over gel on the natural nail! No wipe, and no cracking! Flexi Gloss, a thick viscosity top coat, is also great for texturized glitter nails aka sugar nails, and encapsulating nail embellishments. 

Say goodbye to cracked and damaged nails with Flexi Gloss - the revolutionary rubber top coat that's about to change your nail game forever! 💅🏼

Our innovative formula adds an extra layer of protection to your natural nail, preventing those pesky cracks and chips from ruining your perfect mani. Flexi Gloss provides a flexible and durable shield that moves with your nails, so no more brittle, flaky nails. 💪🏼

And the best part? No need to fuss with a wipe-down after application of this No-Wipe formula! Simply brush on Flexi Gloss, cure in your Pinque LED lamp and let it do its thing! 😎

So if you're tired of dealing with damaged nails and want to keep your mani looking flawless for longer, give Flexi Gloss a try. Your nails (and your sanity) will thank you! 😉

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