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Glitter Acrylic Powder • 218 • Creepin It Real

Glitter Acrylic Powder • 218 • Creepin It Real

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Unleash your inner chameleon with "Creepin It Real," the enchanting nail color that transforms your nails into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of hues. Dive into a world of shimmering magic, where your nails become the canvas for a shifting spectrum of pink and yellow shades. Embrace the transformation and make a statement with your nails like never before. Get ready to bewitch and bedazzle with "Creepin It Real" – the ultimate glitter acrylic for those who dare to be different. It's time to let your nails do the talking and reveal your true, mysterious charm.

Creepin It Real is featured in Tickled Pinque's Friday the 13th Collection, including 13 gorgeous high-shine glitter acrylics with chameleon colour-shifting capabilities! It's like magic! 

Try a full coverage, marble, or faded look.  

Size: 28g

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 


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