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Glitter Acrylic Powder • 251 • Sweet Tart

Glitter Acrylic Powder • 251 • Sweet Tart

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 "Sweet Tart" Glitter Acrylic is like a secret rendezvous with your inner diva, unveiling a cosmic purple-pink-silver masterpiece that's as irresistible as a heart-shaped sweet treat. Capture the essence of love in every swipe and let your nails tell a tale of sweet romance that will leave your Valentine spellbound. Its sparkling silver and regal purple-pink hues intertwine like a sweet serenade, creating a dreamy, heart-fluttering effect that's perfect for those enchanting Valentine's evenings.

"Sweet Tart" is also available in our "Affection Collection" including 10 Valentine's Day glitter acrylic powders, carefully formulated using our superior quality acrylic system. 

Try a full coverage, marble, or faded look with these high-shine pre-mixed glitter acrylics. You may use them to overlay, sculpt, or dip.

Size: 28g

Note: Product image may differ from true colour, due to different screen resolutions. 

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