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PINQUECATION • Gel Polish Bundle

PINQUECATION • Gel Polish Bundle

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VACA MODE ACTIVATED! Enjoy the ultimate Pinquecation with our vibrant gel polish bundle that’s sure to make you feel like you’re out of office, and sipping cocktails on a sandy shore!

Ready to dive into these tropical vibes? Here’s what will make your nails pop this Summer:

🍹 Tiki Bar: A lively mint that's perfect for sipping a refreshing mojito while swaying to island beats.

🌊 Wavy: Dive into this serene blue, reminiscent of gentle ocean waves lapping at your toes as you stroll along the shore.

🌺 Paradise: A lush pink that'll transport you straight to a secluded tropical hideaway, surrounded by exotic flora.

🐠 Coast to Coral: This bright, coral hue captures the vibrant underwater world, bringing a splash of the reef's magic to your fingertips.

🌞 Sun Chaser: A dazzling golden orange, perfect for those chasing the last rays of the sunset on a perfect beach day.

Catch you later, lovelies! We're off to chase sunsets and sip on piña coladas. 🌅🌴💅

#outofofficevibes #pinquecation #vacamode

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