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Sakura Season Bundle

Sakura Season Bundle

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Experience the ethereal beauty of the Sakura Season Bundle, where each product whispers the delicate elegance of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Dip into the enchanting hue of Tickled Pinque, a shade that captures the soft blush of cherry petals kissed by the sun.

Glide effortlessly into the realm of spring with Cherry Blossom, a mesmerizing hue like the fleeting beauty of blossoms dancing in the breeze.

Let Unicorn Tears shower your nails with iridescent magic, as if dewdrops collected from a morning spent beneath the sakura trees.

Sprinkle your manicure with the essence of faith using the divine Faith Nail Sprinkles,  and as the finishing touch, indulge your cuticles with the nourishing embrace of Cutie Oil, a fragrant blend reminiscent of a stroll through a blossoming orchard and infused with REAL Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

Embrace the spirit of Sakura Season with this enchanting bundle, where every product is a love letter to the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms in spring.

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