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Secret Garden • Gel Polish Bundle

Secret Garden • Gel Polish Bundle

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Shhh... Come closer and uncover the enchanting world of the Secret Garden Gel Bundle, where magic blooms and every colour tells a story. Ready to get lost in this whimsical wonderland? Let’s explore the hidden hues:

🌿 Off The Grid: Escape the ordinary with this serene, earthy bronze, perfect for when you need a digital detox and some time among nature.

🌸 Pretty Poison: A dangerously daring red that’s as alluring as it is beautiful, reminding you that even in the garden, not everything is what it seems.

🌙 Nightshade: Dive into the mysterious depths with this midnight purple, a colour as dark and captivating as the twilight garden itself.

🦉 Night Owl: Embrace the magic of the moonlit garden with this cool grey hue, ideal for those who thrive in the quiet, enchanting hours of the night.

🌲 Hidden Forest: Lose yourself in the lush, deep green of a forest that holds endless secrets and whispers of ancient tales.

Step into the Secret Garden, where every shade is a new discovery and your nails become a canvas for nature's most mystical stories. 🌿🌸💅

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