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Situationship Acrylic Collection

Situationship Acrylic Collection

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Say goodbye to romantic clichés and hello to nails that speak your language. The "Situationship Acrylic Collection" – where love is optional, but fabulous nails are a must! 

Situationship Acrylic Powder Collection includes:

431 Heart breaker - Crush hearts, not your nails! This daring shade is the perfect accomplice for those who believe in breaking hearts, not their flawless manicure. Watch out, Cupid – we've got our own agenda!

432 Friends With BenefitsWho needs a Valentine when you can have fabulous friends and even more fabulous nails? This versatile shade is all about the perks without the drama – just like a great friendship or a killer nail colour.

433 Our Little Secret Some secrets are meant to be kept, and this sultry shade is no exception. Let your nails be the keeper of mysteries while you navigate the intricate web of "situationships" with style and flair.

434 Thank You, NextMove on from the past and embrace the future with this empowering shade. It's time to upgrade your nails and your attitude to the next level of fabulous.

435 Loves Me NotPulling petals is so last season. With "Loves Me Not," you don't need a daisy to tell you what's up. This edgy and defiant shade is for those who know their worth and won't settle for anything less than perfect nails.


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