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The Tickled Pinque Department • Acrylic Bundle

The Tickled Pinque Department • Acrylic Bundle

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Welcome to The Tickled Pinque Department. Where nail lovers and sparkling hearts flourish and fly into the night sky with a twinkle in their eyes ✨ 

We curated and crafted the most exquisite bundle and got it down bad. Made in your favourite place… Florida!!! We did the work, and wrote the manuscript - now it’s time for you to enjoy 🤍

Available today only at a live exclusive bundle price! 

🖤 Bella Notte
🩶 Mr. Grey
🤎 You’re My Only Taupe
🤍 Tickled The Ivories
👑 Silk Tiara 

Join Adrianna LIVE at 2 PM EST as she packs your orders and try your hand at this one of a kind bundle collection!

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