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Tickled Pinque Cosmetics

Unicorn Flakes

Unicorn Flakes

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Step into a realm of enchantment with Tickled Pinque Unicorn Flakes – the ultimate nail art that shimmers with an ethereal radiance like no other.

Unleash a mesmerizing aura that draws eyes wherever you wander. With the iridescent allure of Unicorn Flakes, your nails transform into a masterpiece of elegance and mystique, infusing every movement with a dash of enchantment.

Tickled Pinque Unicorn Flakes are designed for easy application, ensuring you can sprinkle a touch of magic onto your nails. Experiment with endless colour combinations to create nail art that's as unique as you are.

🍭 Candyland: Transform your nails into a sugary dreamscape with Candyland. It's like sprinkling confectionery confetti straight onto your fingertips!

🍈 Frosted Melon: Dive into a pool of refreshing Frosted Melon Flakes. Your nails will be so tantalizingly melonlicious, you might just forget you're not on a tropical getaway!

🍰 Lava Cake: Indulge your nails in a dose of decadence with Lava Cake Flakes. It's the perfect recipe for adding a touch of rich, molten elegance to your fingertips.

🌙 Moonrise: Let your nails shine like the moon's glow with Moonrise Flakes. Get ready to captivate the night with an otherworldly shimmer that's pure cosmic magic.

🍬 Sugar Plum: Enter a world of enchantment with Sugar Plum Flakes. Your nails will become a canvas for ethereal hues that bring your wildest fairytale fantasies to life.

🍹 Time To Lime: Zest up your nails with the citrusy goodness of Time To Lime Flakes. Your fingertips will sizzle with a burst of lively lime that's equal parts vibrant and vivacious!

Unicorn Flakes Colour Shifts:

  • Candyland (green/blue)
  • Frosted Melon (green/pink)
  • Lava Cake (orange/green)
  • Moonrise (purple/blue)
  • Sugar Plum (orange/pink)
  • Time To Lime (green/yellow)


  1. Apply Base Gel and cure.
  2. Apply Colour Gel of your choice and cure.
  3. Apply Top Gloss (Non-Wipe) and cure.
  4. Buff a thin layer of Unicorn Flakes onto nail surface. 
  5. Brush excess flakes off of the nail and cuticle area.
  6. Apply Flexi Gloss or Top Gloss and cure. 

Pro Tips: 

- Use small amount of our professional flakes. A little goes a long way! 
- Try different base colours to get different colour results from these iridescent flakes.

Size: 1g

PLEASE NOTE: We strive to make our swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product colour, but due to variation in monitors and electronic devices colours may differ slightly. 

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